Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Marynell!

Davan Mani in his My Rants and Opinions blog writes that best finder of talent anywhere in pro basketball today is...Marynell Meadors?

Lot of scouts and GM's tend to get individual players but not try to build a team. In Marynell case, she gets players and builds teams. She likes players who believe in hard work but fair play. When she was Charlotte, she built a solid nucleus of players such as Vicky Bullett, Andrea Stinson, Dawn Staley, and Rhonda Mapp who had those characteristics. As a scouting directing for the Sol, she built a solid nucleus of Ruth Riley, Sheri Sam, Yelena Baranova, and Sandy Brondello. When they folded, these players continued to play at a high level with other teams the characteristics of hard work and fair play. Now in Atlanta, she has those type of players in Erika DeSouza, Shalee Lehning, Sancho Little, Michelle Snow, and Angel McCoughtry which brings success and continuity.

Mani hopes that if Meadors loses her job for whatever reason, that she would be come a director of scouting for some NBA team. I must say that Mani makes a persuasive case. If Nancy Lieberman can coach in the NBDL, then why can't Marynell Meadors scout men's basketball?

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