Sunday, November 8, 2009

TBBL 3/2009 - Mersin 84, Kayseri 82

For the first time in a long time, Ivory Latta got to say hello to her old Atlanta Dream teammate Tamera Young. (As well as 2008 teammate Kasha Terry.) This time, they would be on the opposite sides of the battle, with each team hoping to get over .500. Latta was the number one scorer for Mersin (2-1) and Young tied for the top scorer for Kayseri (1-2), but it looks like Mersin squeaked by with the win at home, 84-82.

The box score is here. Usually, the Turkey Women's Basketball League will at least have a write-up, and some pictures. I think this is the very first time I've seen a box score without a write-up. And of course, no pictures, as those usually come a day later.

So all we have is the box score. Seems like it was a close game. It was Kayseri that came up on top in the first quarter, leading 22-15 over Mersin, one of the heavyweights of the TBBL. Mersin would have to scrap their way back, and were only down by three points at halftime, 42-39.

Coming out of the first half, Mersin outscored visiting Kayseri 25-19 to take a 64-61 lead into what must have been a hard-fought fourth quarter, but Mersin came out on top.

Let's look at the Four Factors of the game:

Field goal percentage: Kayseri 49 percent, Mersin 46 percent. However, Mersin took 71 shots compared to Kayseri's 51. Mersin was 12-for-22 from the 3-point range.
Turnovers: Kayseri 17, Mersin 19. Almost even.
Offensive rebound percentage: Mersin 31 percent, Kayseri 11 percent. Another big edge for Mersin, as Kayseri only had three offensive rebounds.
Free throws: Kayseri 23-for-29, Mersin 6-for-8. This is where Mersin almost lost the game - on the free throw line. Mersin committed 22 fouls in the game (and Sariye Gokce fouled out); Kaseri only committed 13.

And now, the game performances:


Ivory Latta: 24 points, 6 assists. She was only 3-for-11 from 2-point range, but a deadly 5-for-6 from behind the 3-point arc.
Erlana Larkins: 10 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists. Larkins's double-double was not the only one of the game.
Barbara Turner: 10 points, 4 rebounds.
Olympia Scott: 8 points, 6 rebounds. 4 turnovers.


Latoya Pringle: 18 points, 13 rebounds, for the other double-double. 6-for-13 overall shooting, and five turnovers.
Tamera Young: 18 points, 4 steals. 7-for-10 overall shooting. A very pleasant performance.
Julie McBride: 16 points, but 6 turnovers. The Syracuse grad briefly played for the Chicago Sky in their inaugural year.
Kasha Terry: 6 points and 3 rebounds in 14 minutes of play.

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