Saturday, November 7, 2009

LFB 6/2009 - Perfumerias 80, Olesa 72

Ever since losing that game to Ros Casares, it seems that Perfumerias (5-1) has been on a mission in the Liga Femenina to prove that they're a top team. Olesa (4-2) came into the game with one loss on their home court, but Perfumerias turned up the heat in the final quarter to win 80-72 on the road.

The box score is here. We have no write-ups or pictures from the game yet.

This game reminds me of the Cadi la Seu-Ros Casares game today: a close game where the winning team struggles during the first thirty minutes and comes on at the end like a tardy student cramming for a test. Perfumerias only led by three points after ten minutes and only led by a bucket at halftime, 42-40. I don't know if Olesa led - or how frequently they led - but Perfumerias only led 59-58 going into the final ten minutes.

But that was it for Olesa. Perfmuerias scored 21 points in the final quarter compared to Olesa's fourteen.

A look at the Four Factors of the game:

Field goal percentage: Perfumerias 48 percent, Olesa 42 percent. Perfumerias was 10-for-22 from 3-point distance.
Turnovers: Olesa 11, Perfumerias 11. No advantage for either side.
Offensive rebound percentage: Olesa 22 percent, Perfumerias 19 percnet. All six of Perfumerias's six offensive rebounds came from...Le'coe Willingham.
Free throws: Olesa 9-for-10, Perfumerias 8-for-10. Michelle Maslowski had four personal fouls; no player on either side had more than three.

And a look at the game performances....


Iva Perovanovic: 13 points, 10 rebounds. Three offensive rebounds for Olesa by Perovanovic.
Michelle Maslowski: 23 points and 5 rebounds, but also 6 turnovers from the Drexel (2002?) graduate, who has her own web page.
Silvia Morales: 12 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists. 4-for-12 shooting.
Shona Thorburn: the English-born Canadian player and former WNBA player scored 9 points and 5 rebounds.


Le'coe Willingham: 20 points and 16 rebounds. An amazing rebounding night, Willingham had all six offensive rebounds. 7-for-13 shooting.
Anke de Mondt: 14 points, 7 assists.
Sancho Lyttle: 10 points, 5 rebounds. 5-for-6 shooting in 24 minutes of play.

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