Thursday, October 1, 2009

Iziane Not With Krakow Till November?

I got this from a message board in Poland.

What are the objectives of the team puts you on the starting season? - Ask a new basketball coach Wisla Can-Pack, Jose Ignacio Hernandez.

- The most important thing is hard work to create a true collective, and in all competitions to achieve as much as possible.

The team is already included?

- Soon to join the American team Janell Burse, and in November reaches Brazilian Iziane Castro Marques and then I could work with the team.

Another message-board news excerpt:

For now, Wisla Can-Pack game without two new contestants obtained prior to this season - Janell Burse and Iziane Castro Marques. The first - the words of Dunin-Suligostowskiego - has come to Krakow for a few days, and the second in early November.

My question is "why November"? Vacation? Injury? A really good contract?

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