Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Atlanta Dream Similarity Scores for 2009

Last year, I did a few posts regarding similarity scores. From the earlier post:

Similarity Scores was designed to be a fair way to compare players by their career statistical lines. The idea is "start with 1000" points and then begin to take away points from points of difference. For example, if two players had career steals totals that were 20 steals apart, we would take one point away from the Similarity Score of the two players, reducing the total score to 999. We keep doing this for other statistics and come up with a numerical value for "how similar" one player is to another.

Furthermore, the new set of 2009 similarity scores is adjusted for position. So this leaves us with the question of "given a particular Atlanta Dream player, which WNBA player's career statistics are the closest?"

The player most similar to Iziane Castro Marques is Stacey Dales (976.90).
The player most similar to Erika de Souza is Crystal Langhorne (974.91).
The player most similar to Chamique Holdsclaw is Swin Cash (931.15).
The player most similar to Jennifer Lacy is Shyra Ely (988.76).
The player most similar to Ivory Latta is Erin Phillips (986.09)
The player most similar to Shalee Lehning is Francesca Zara (993.27).
The player most similar to Sancho Lyttle is Camille Little (973.64).
The player most similar to Angel McCoughtry is Charde Houston (968.63).
The player most similar to Coco Miller is Elaine Powell (970.55).
The player most similar to Armintie Price is Alexis Hornbuckle (979.48)
The player most similar to Michelle Snow is Tammy Sutton-Brown (954.32).


pilight said...

Most of those seem pretty reasonable.

Lyttle = Little and de Souza = Langhorne seem odd.

Miller = Pow Powell may be accurate in terms of numbers, but I'd take the vicious one with three rings over the other Miller twin.

Rebecca said...

I should not find it amusing that Elaine Powell and Coco Miller come up as a match.

As a basketball player, I'd take Powell. However, the tendency to punch people really puts me off.