Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow Hooks Up With Russian Team

I've been trying for about a month to find information from the website regarding Michelle Snow and Dynamo Kursk - which was useless. After finally doping out how to translate "Michelle Snow" (Мишель Сноу) into Russia, I can finally give some information.

First, I believe that Snow managed to make it to Russia sometime around October 9th, and took part in a friendly four-team tournament soon after - the Cup of Russia. I can't find any box scores - or pictures - or anything - but It seems that the mini-tournament started with four team: Nadezdha (Betty Lennox's team last year), Dynamo Kursk (Snow's new team), Spartak-SHVSM-Moscow (promoted to Superleague A) and Energy Ivanovo, a Superleague B team.

Dynamo Kursk beat Spartak-SHVSM-Moscow 80-66 in the first game. Snow scored 22 points in the game. They beat Energy Ivanovo on Saturday 91-55 with Snow scoring 16 to lead the team again. Now 2-0, they faced Nadezdha, which was also 2-0. Unfortunately, Dynamo Kursk lost to Nadezdha 71-55. In all three games, Snow was the leading scorer, this time with 19.

Both teams will move on to the Quarterfinals on November 14th-15th and the "Final Four" takes place on January 24th-25th.

If anyone out there knows where Коллин Миллер will be playing this year, let me know.

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