Friday, October 9, 2009

P3/2009 - Electra Ramat Hasharon 48, Dobrí anjeli Košice 43

When life is tough, go to Fridays.

For Chamique Holdsclaw's team in Slovakia, it was a rough tournament in Istanbul, Turkey as the Good Angels lost the final game of the tournament 48-43 to Israel power Electra Ramat Hasharon, the defending champs of Israel women's basketball. Dobrí anjeli Košice finishes at 0-3.

No boxscore from Dobrí anjeli Košice. No boxscore from Electra Ramat Hasharon. No nothing, except for the Twitter messages of Chamique Holdsclaw.

Chold1 Wow my team is mad at me bc I didn't look to score lol. Called my agent said the want to send me home and my knee is fine!

Chold1 Its comical 2 me but I'm so blessed! I was playin w/ 15 year olds n I have practiced once and play 3 games in a row. Been dimin n playin D.

These messages have led some people to conclude that Holdsclaw might be leaving soon. Holdsclaw is prepared for the eventuality.

Chold1 Hey is anyone interesting in volunteering for Atlanta Homeless Connect event on the 25th. @dreamwithfaith if I'm around I'm down.

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Unknown said...

Don't sweat what they say CH...Get the moo-la and come home...See ya soon..
-Emile Worthy