Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Know You're a Women's Basketball Fan When....

1. When you are tempted to spell the word "summit" with an extra "t".
2. When you know how to both spell and pronounce Geno Auriemma.
3. When the folding of a women's basketball club two continents away is a great cause of concern.
4. When you groan whenever someone says the WNBA was the first women's professional basketball league.
5. When you no longer put "women's" as an adjective in front of "basketball", perplexing your friends when you talk about Appel and Charles and Lavender and Jackson and Taurasi and what great players they are.
6. When the first think you think of New York is "Pffft! What championships has New York ever won in anything?"
7. Whenever someone talks about how groundbreaking it would be for baseball or football to have an openly gay player, you can't help but chuckle.
8. When you further purplex your friends by complaining about how short the basketball season is.
9. When you read every part of the paper except for the sports page, and
10. When you know "The Shot" took place in 1999, and not in 1989.

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