Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Delays of Game

Since my work has shut down my ability to access Blogger (*) - much less update my blog or moderate comments - I have found that this really, really sucks. It only took me two days to find that out.

Not only am I not able to address immediate issues at work - I had to come back home on my lunch break to post this much - the timeliness of the blog has been damaged. When no one's comments get released (due to the recent vandalism) and when posts are less frequent (since home time is family time), the work ban has really put a crimp in my blogging style.

Therefore, I'm thinking of a word to Wordpress which is in its tentative steps. For a little while, I'll be mirroring blog posts to a Wordpress site. (URL not released until I have enough content.) However, a lot depends on how negotiations between Kathy Betty and the Atlanta Dream end up.

If the Dream get a complete green light for next season, I'll simply stop posting at this blog and begin posting at the new location, leaving one last referring link. If the Dream, however, are done...then I'll just stop posting at both locations altogether.

I keep hearing that new things are in store for the Dream. Well, new things might be at store for this blog as well. Keep your ears open.

(*) - This work place ban was not directed at me specifically. Then again, you never know. If Wordpress gets banned, too, I might have to take the step of looking for blog help. For right now, however, Wordpress is probably the best solution.

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