Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Rumors: Shock to Move to Tulsa

Rumor patrol continues. Of course, this is just hearsay, which is second hand information. "Someone told me that someone else said" etc.

From the message board:

I just received information that Mrs. Davidson is cutting her losses and has sold the team to Tulsa Oklahoma. All the coaches and staff are losing their jobs. Purely a business decision.


If this is true, people who work at The Palace didn't know about it yesterday when I talked to them. Not people who work in the box office or at the concession stand either.

How legit are you with this, or not you Ryan, but who told you this?


I was told by a person who works for the Shock and Palace Entertainment. She's losing her job...found out yesterday morning. Mrs Davidson is losing millions on Guardian with the economy. She made
a business decision to sell the Shock to stop the bleeding.

It's true, I'm surprised something has leaked out yet. It's not public information yet. I've been refreshing a few times per day to see when they break the story. Maybe I should email Sherrod.

"Yesterday morning" in the messageboard back and forth was October 15. "And there will be relocations and rumors of relocations...."

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