Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Euroleague E1/2009 - Krakow 65, Perfumerias 60

Liron Cohen looks for a Krakow player.

The match between Iziane Castro Marques and Sancho Lyttle will have to wait until later in the year - Castro Marques doesn't show up to Krakow until November 6th - but there was still a game to be played in Salamanca. Wisla Can-Pack Krakow came into the match as a substitute for CSKA, and upset Perfumerias 65-60 at their home in Salamanca.

All three parts of the package - a game write-up, a box score, and a play-by-play - can be found here.

If anyone would know how to beat Perfumerias at home, it would be Krakow's coach Jose Hernandez - Hernandez coached Perfumerias last year and left to seek a bigger paycheck and greater challenges. Perfumerias led 13-11 after the first quarter but Krakow opened the second with three point shots by Liren Cohen and Katerina Zohnova and took the lead. Leading 32-22 with 51 seconds left in the hand, Sancho Lyttle scored the final five points of the first half to close to within five, 32-27.

Perfumerias managed to close to within two in the third quarter but Krakow led 51-44 after thirty minutes. With one minute left in the game, Alba Torrens hit a jump shot to cut the lead to 61-58. Both teams traded shots, and with 25 seconds left, Krakow had the ball back. With 16 seconds left, Perfumerias was forced to foul Liren Cohen, who hit both of her free throws and essentially put the game out of reach at 65-60.

Now, let's look at the Four Factors of the game:

Field goal percentage: Krakow 41 percent, Perfumerias 37 percent. Krakow was 6-for-14 in 3-point shooting; Perfumerias was 3-for-19.
Turnovers: Perfumerias 16, Krakow 18. Slight edge to Perfumerias.
Offensive rebound percentage: Perfumerias 30 percent, Krakow 25 percent.
Free throws: Krakow 11-for-11, Perfumerias 9-for-13. Krakow really needed those extra free throws.

And the performances of the game:


Sancho Lyttle: 11 points, 12 rebounds on 4-for-10 shooting. Only one offensive rebound, but Lyttle was the player of the game for her team.
Le'coe Willingham: 11 points, 2 rebounds.
Olexandra Gorbunova: 11 points and 4 rebounds in 20 minutes of play.


Liron Cohen: 21 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists. Cohen carried Krakow to the win.
Katerina Zohnova: 15 points, 3 rebounds.
Janell Burse: 10 points, 13 rebounds.
Marta Fernandez: 11 points, 3 rebounds from the former member of the Los Angeles Sparks.

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