Sunday, October 25, 2009

Departing Donehew Discusses Dream

Jim Fuller at the New Haven Register writes about a discussion he recently had with Danielle Donehew. Donehew left her front office job at the Atlanta Dream to become the Assistant Commissioner for Women's Basketball in the Big East Conference.

I also asked Donehew about the future of the Dream considering some rumors have been circulating about their staying power.

"I have high hopes for the Dream and for the future of the franchise. Over the last two years we built a great product. We were able to take an expansion team that only won four games in the first year to 18 wins in the second year and a playoff berth. I am really pleased with what we built. I think over the time the Dream will continue to build and be something that the WNBA will be very proud of.

"There are always rumors, in an economy such as this funding is always tough but I am excited to say that there are some new investors at the table," Donehew said. "I can't get into any details right now but I do think over time there will be some new investors that are going to come in and make a huge difference."

In short, we know little more than we knew before. "We're negotiating. Be patient." The Dream's main website hasn't been updated since October 1st and communication from the DFO has been minimal. (Though not absent.) I'm hoping for a big payoff, myself.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if corporate sponsorship could be in the works. To me, it seems to be an option that would provide a degree of stability.