Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ros Casares Victory over TTT Riga Second Largest in Euroleague History

Just found out this factoid from, namely that the 118-38 drubbing of TTT Riga on Ros Casares's home court was the second biggest win in Euroleague history:

It was on 27 February 2001, when the Lotos VBW Clima (Poland) beat by 107 points (146-39) Sporting Athens (Greece). The 80 points of income achieved Ros Casares are the major difference that Valencian team has ever achieved in Europe's top competition.

Delisha Milton-Jones added:

I do not remember so bloated victory in the Euroleague, perhaps had won overwhelming victories and of some national league, but never in the premier cup competition.


Maybe it was a bad night of Riga or a great work of Ros, I suppose a bit of both.

It's a win both sides can be proud of, if you think about it - TTT Riga's pride comes from not abandoning the game and playing it out to the end. Trust me, TTT Riga is looking forward to the Baltic Women's season.

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