Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holdsclaw Out at Dobrí anjeli Košice

It's now been posted at the Dobrí anjeli Košice web page - Chamique Holdsclaw is no longer with the team. She recently Twittered that she was at the London airport, and now we know the reason why.

From the translated webpage:

"Unfortunately, the games showed that it has recently operated knee tolerate full load. It will need more than a month to treat, so we have by mutual agreement, a fresh contract with it might find. Remains is for us nothing else, just look at the same ternary 'post for her pay, "preached to us Jendrichovský Daniel, general manager of the club's masterpiece.

I don't know if the stuff that Daniel Jendrichovský says about Holdsclaw's knee is true, but I do know that the club was a bad fit for Holdsclaw. Holdsclaw is heading back to Atlanta. It isn't known if The Claw will play elsewhere overseas this season.

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