Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brought to You by Harris Dental

Ethan at Actionless Activity wraps up the Year in WNBA hoops:

Despite the various technical difficulties it faced this year, HUGE props to the WNBA for introducing Live Access. I thought I’d see lots of the New York Liberty (disclosure: I am wearing my 2009 Liberty shirt as I type this), but I saw a great many Phoenix Mercury home games. I know all about Cash Four® by the Phoenix Lottery. I know all about Harris Dental. I don’t have a pool (or a house), but if/when I do I’ll be sure to shop at Leslie’s Pool Supply. I know all about Discount Tire. And I know all about the X Factor. Having logged so many hours watching Phoenix games, I had extra reason to want to see them win the title as opposed to off-the-radar Indiana.


Finally, my hope for 2010 is that we (the Grand We) are much less defensive about the WNBA and more – for lack of a better word – evangelical. Telling people they’re wrong about the WNBA isn’t going to win hearts and minds. Lamenting what new reason why The Haters™ are or will be dogging on the league won’t inspire people to give the WNBA a fresh look. Show them the quality. Take someone to a game, if you’re in-market. If you’re out of market like me, find ways to be vocal and approachable in your support. I recently wore my Liberty t-shirt to work, and some women came in from out of state who knew Patty Coyle and were agog that a man – out of market, at that, knew who the Liberty was and made the commitment to buy a shirt online.

Looks like I might have to invest in a jersey for Jersey Day at work. So which Atlanta Dream player should I be wearing? Or should I get one of those personalized jerseys with my number and name on the back?

Also: why so many Coke commercials? This is only excusable if it helps pay for Art Eckman.


Ethan said...

1. Thanks for the plug. I fixed the glaring, uh, typo, as it's the Arizona Lottery.

2. I had to cut my wine-fueled post short, but my favorite Art Eckman moment belongs here anyway. During one of the Dream games one of the players stole the ball and was about to drive in for the easy lay-up when the refs called a loose ball foul that supposedly happened just before the steal. "The foul was called just as [player - forgot who, argh] was about to score." LaChina blew her chance at adding, "thanks a lot, rock-blocker." (Eckman said this with such certainty even though there were a few yards to go yet before actually reaching iron.) Guess you had to be there, via Live Access.

3. For some reason, for me, buying a WNBA jersey (as opposed to t-shirt) is too gender-bendy for me. I have seen males in the audience not having such qualms, and that's cool, but I prefer t-shirts anyway as they "travel" better. As in, I can wear them to work, out on the town, around the apartment, etc, and not seem like those ESPN commercials where the various sports stars always wear their game attire, no matter what. Shrug.

4. My other super-forward looking statement for 2010: "I will go to Atlanta!" I'm taking you to see the Atlanta Beat. Mark your calendar. (Speaking of evangelism.)

Anonymous said...

I think you should get Holdsclaw or Mccoughtry