Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tearful Iziane Meets With Hortencia in Europe

Hortencia Marcari, the head of women's basketball in Brazil, stated that she had an emotional conversation with Iziane Castro Marques regarding Iziane's future with the Brazilian national team.

"It was the first time I saw her, I knew better Iziane and their way of thinking. We had a positive approach. She was sensitive and cried. Talking about this subject is not pleasant for her. I think nobody had sat down to chat with it,"s he said.

The telenovela continues. "Will the evil Iziane wear green and gold again and kick poor starving Paulo Bassul to the curb as coach? Or will the scheming Bassul manage to keep poor Iziane away from the team?" I'm sure that we'll have more episodes in the future.

(Thumbs up to the Painel do Basquete Femenino, from which the above text is linked.)

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