Saturday, January 23, 2010

LFB 16/2009 - Perfumerias 64, Vigo 62

Now with two losses, Perfumerias has to work a lot harder to stay close to the top of the Liga Femenina now that Ros Casares and Rivas Ecopolis only have one loss each. Perfumerias traveled to Real Celta Indepo, also known as Vigo, and managed to escape with a 64-62 win.

The box score for the game is here. Oddly enough, both teams limited themselves to using just eight players. Sancho Lyttle, however, was not one of the players that saw any time. Jordi Gallano, the coach of Perfumerias, wanted to make sure that Lyttle was fully healthy for the opening Euroleague game against Bourges. Furthermore, next week Perfumerias plays Cadi la Seu and the chances are good that Lyttle might be held out for that game as well. Sayeth the coach:

It is true that muscle fatigue and creep is important and comes up a week of matches on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday is going to be killer.

Euroleague matches begin the first week of February, so Perfumerias isn't taking any chances.

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