Friday, January 8, 2010

De Souza, Lacy Free Agents?

The esteemed SportsGuru over at RebKell suggests that Erika de Souza and Jennifer Lacy of the Atlanta Dream might be free agents of one kind or another - restricted or unrestricted.

Of course, the WNBA hasn't provided a list of free agents, unlike every other sports league in the country. What do they think they gain from keeping that information secret? Most likely, they've assumed that their fans don't care.

With a decreased salary cap for 2010, this leads to questions about whether or not de Souza can be re-signed. Would de Souza ask for more? Would this put Atlanta over the salary camp?

There is also the hypothesis from the Atlanta Dream Message Board that GM Marynell Meadors could decide not to sign Lacy - if a) she wanted to get rid of Chamique Holdsclaw because b) she concluded that Angel McCoughtry was the wave of the future.

Once again, the fans of other leagues have meat to chew on during the off-season. We get table scraps.

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p_d_swanson said...

Lacy and Érika are RFAs...