Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baylor 99, Texas State 18

No, this score isn't incorrect. Baylor defeated Texas State by 81 points last night. Britney Griner became the second woman in women's college basketball history to dunk twice in a game. The first woman to do it was Candace Parker.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Even when the coach has the best intentions to try and keep the game respectful it can get out of hand. Auriemma played his reserves most of the second half and the lead still increased.

"You got guys off the bench who want to play well," Auriemma said. "The other team is struggling to put points on the board and if you're not careful it becomes kind of ragged."

Auriemma was commenting after his #1 Connecticut Huskies beat Seton Hall 91-24. That's not a typo. That's a 67-point win.

Back to Baylor. Texas State was held to 9.2 percent shooting. Baylor led 24-0 before Texas State scored their first basket nine minutes into the game.

I'm frankly disgusted. Baylor still had Griner there in the second half. If she's there because she "needs experience" as one commenter from the Waco Tribune wrote, my question is "experience for what?" Experience in game situations against teams that clearly can't compete with you and probably just want to go home? This "experience" isn't going to prepare you against Texas or Kansas State.

If I were Kim Mulkey, I would have put down some hard and fast rules. Three passes before taking a shot. Then four. Then five. Then freakin' six if necessary. Nothing good comes out of humiliating an opponent by 81 points. You take all your starters out, put in your weakest players, and refuse to substitute for them. Anything you can think of to handicap yourself.

When a superior player in chess faces an inferior, they'll play at "knight odds" - the superior player will remove one of his knights before play. Or perhaps both knights, or even a rook or a queen. That's to make it a contest. The fault lies with Kim Mulkey if she's not creative enough to figure out a way to do that. As for Griner's dunks, let her dunk against a Power Conference team - then I'll be impressed, even if it's just against Seton Hall.

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Anonymous said...

Kim Mulkey is one of my least favorite coaches. She may be a proven winner but the attrition rate of her players should show how she treats others. Obviously, I'm biased so my comments can be taken as such, but I think she enjoyed making Texas State looks like a high school team.

While the Big 12 is a brutal conference, there are NO players who can give Griner much of a challenge simply because of her height and wingspan so I feel that Brittany will get the needed experience quickly enough.