Monday, January 25, 2010

Slovakia Extraliga 1-6 Group 1/2009 - Good Angels Kosice 70, Poprad 50

The Good Angels Kosice team - Angel McCoughtry's team - has made it into the "1-6 Group" in the postseason. My understand is that the 1-6 group moves to the next level of the playoffs and the 7-10 group fights to avoid relegation.

How long Good Angels Kosice will be playing in the 1-6 Group is beyond me. However, their first match was on the road against #6 finish Poprad, where the Good Angels won convincingly 70-50.

UPDATE: McCoughtry on Twitter says that this wasn't a playoff game. Like I wrote, the postseason in Slovakia is confusing.

The box score is here.

I can't find out any details about the game itself. The Good Angels won every quarter of the game, so it couldn't have been much of an exciting victory.

Katarína Tetemondová led Poprad with 15 points and eight rebounds. As for the Good Angels Kosice 70, Candice Dupree had 16 points and nine rebounds.

McCoughtry had a good game as well:

9 points
8 rebounds
4 assists

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