Monday, January 18, 2010

Slovakia Extraliga 18/2009 - Good Angels Kosice 75, MBK Ruzomberok 51

The Good Angels finished their regular season 18-0 - undefeated - with a 75-51 win over MBK Ruzomberok. Certainly, all of you Slovakian basketball experts out there know how important this match us, as it was MBK's last chance to derail the Good Angels perfect season. Ruzomberok will have to be satisfied with their 15-3 finish.

Let's see. The second best team in women's Slovak basketball lost 77-56 to the Good Angels at home and lost 75-51 to the Good Angels on the road. I wonder how those finals are going to turn out.

As for how the actual finals work, there's no telling. During last year, there was a set of confusing elimination rounds that took place in February that involved virtually every team. How this will play out is incomprehensible.

At the very least, you can get the Good Angels half of the box score from their website. They're so dominant, they don't need to put the enemy stats up, because who cares?

I don't see Angel McCoughtry's stat line anywhere in the box score. Is she still playing for the Good Angels? She's still on their promotional material, so I'm assuming the answer is "yes".

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