Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Euroleague 9/2009 - Ros Casares 87, Taranto 59

What's de Souza wearing on her hand?

This year, Ros Casares's first loss in Euroleague was to Taranto. They made up for that loss by beating Taranto in front of 1400 spectators to move to 7-2 in Euroleague play. They split their season with Ekaterinburg, but they scored more aggregate points in those gamees, so I'm guessing that Ros Casares has an outside chance of finishing first in Group A if Ros Casares beats Galatasaray at home next week and Ekaterinburg loses to Riga in Russia - but that second outcome is highly unlikely, unless Riga has a good methamphetamine supply.

Everything you'd want: a box score, a game report, play by play, and a photo gallery - is here. It looks like Taranto hung in there for almost all of the first half, and then just faded away. Ros Casares shot 33-for-61 overall and hit 12 of 25 of their 3-point attempts.

Amayo Valdemoro led all Ros Casares scorers with 20 points. Elodie Godin was Taranto's top performer with 12 points.

As for Erika de Souza:

8 points in 35 minutes of play
4-for-8 shooting
15 rebounds, including 5 offensive rebounds

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She played towards end of WNBA season with broken finger