Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Chapter in the Boring Iziane Novel Bert calls it at the Painel do Basquete Feminino. One again, Iziane Castro Marques makes it as plain as she's made it over the last few months that if Paulo Bassul remains coach of the Brazil Women's Basketball Team, then Iziane will not play. However, Iziane says something to the effect that "the door is open" now that Bassul has not yet signed a new contract.

As one commenter on the Painel do Basquete Feminino blog stated, the problem is that Iziane refuses to give even a few apologetic words. Unfortunately for the Brazilians, she's also one of their best players.

At 2:21 in the video linked at this website, Iziane talks to the television show "Good Morning Mirante". Unfortunately, I can't speak Portugese.

My bet? Iziane is talking about the whole Paulo Bassul thing. (The actual incident where Iziane refused to return to the floor happens at 4:07.) Oh yes, and the future of Brazilian basketball.

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rogerio silvestre said...

It's a boring SOAP OPERA, but
Izzy assumes her regrets for what she did. She also says that Bassul has a personal issue with her. So does she. I feel bad for the Brazilian Basketball, but I believe the team needs more Izzy than Bassul!