Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Agency Begins January 15th

Friday for those of you who don't have a calendar. Teams can negotiate with players and agents. Teams, however, may not sign contracts with free agents until February 1st, 2010.

Our only free agents are Erika de Souza and Jennifer Lacy - at least, I believe they are both restricted free agents. There's a whole bunch of stuff about RFAs and qualifying offers in the WNBA Player's Assocation Collective Bargaining Agreement (2008), but it all depends on the players' salaries and how many years of seniority each player has and if they're core players or not.

My conclusion: re-sign Erika de Souza, at all costs.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting issue is whether Dream can max out Erika given the reduction in the salary cap. It almost certainly means Coco is gone because they already have Claw, Snow, Sancho, Izie on max or close to max deals which would mean five players taking up almost 500k of room when you include the likely leftover money they probably owe for getting rid of Feenstra and Haynie. That only leaves 275k for the other six players which is only 45k per player - Angel and Shalee are cheap although Angel as the #1 pick is not that cheap. Price is still less expensive but Lacy and Latta are moving on up there. Therefore Coco even at the vet minimum might be a tad too rich for the Dream.