Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shalee Lehning to Play in Hoops for Hope Game

Hoops for Hope will play a basketball game in Ashland, Kansas on Friday, October 30th. And it looks like Shalee Lehning will put her books down for long enough to take part. Lehning is finishing up her degree at Kansas State in the off-season.

The roster:

Coach: Jackie Styles (WNBA)
Coach: Cynthia Cooper-Dyke (WNBA, Prairie View)

Shalee Lehning (Atlanta Dream), G
Marcy Sudbeck (Wichita State), F
Katie Smith (Kansas), G - not the Detroit Shock Katie Smith
Tasha Trundle (Missouri), G
Shahidrah Roberts-Cowgill (Nebraska), G
Ann Cavey-Jameson (Missouri State), C
Jannica Shultze (Sterling College), G
Molly Carter (Drury), G
Kelsey Konrade (Ashland HS), G
Naomi Bonilla (Ashland HS), G
Ashley Odermann (Ashlahd HS), G
Kira Hart (Ashland HS), PG
Nicole Preisner (Ashland HS), P
Megan Cunningham (Ashland HS), G

The money goes to the Kay Yow Fund and to cancer-preventative care provided by the WEPAC Alliance.


Anonymous said...

Take part, yes.

Play, no.

Anonymous said...

She will not be playing, she still has to be in a sling. Sure she is going just to support. One Team One Dream

kansasdreamfan said...

As the two previous commentors stated, Shalee will NOT be playing. She does still have a sling keeping that shoulder immobile. Word is that she is healing well but it takes lots of time.

This Hoops for Hope event is somewhat amazing - it is taking place in teeny tiny Ashland, Kansas (population well under 1,000). Some big names will be there as well as Fox Sports Midwest which will broadcast the game live and then replay it several times.

I'm amazed at the response this true grass root effort has gotten. The majority of the money stays local to pay for cancer screening for residents of the county. I have no doubt that lives will be saved. Small towns can be great places!

kansasdreamfan said...

Check out the website if you want more information.