Friday, October 16, 2009

Rob Parker: "Shock Appear to be Heading to Tulsa"

From the link provided:

No matter how many championships they won or championship runs they made, fans here just weren’t going to buy tickets to see women play basketball on the professional level.

It may sound mean. It isn’t. It’s just the reality.

That’s why the Shock, three championships and all, appear to be heading to Tulsa.

There could be an announcement any minute. That’s how white-hot the buzz is about the sale of this franchise is right now. While some will say good luck, the majority will probably say good riddance.

My question is how good are his sources? Regardless, bad press is the very definition of "not good news".


utc said...

I wish there were a way that your posts would roll back to the top as long as fans keep adding comments. Too often one has to scroll down through a number of posts to find the ones which are more interesting and still attracting more comments. Just a suggestion.

Scarab said...

utc...that's a very good idea

Ethan said...

utc - this isn't a message board (forum) that "bumps to the top". The blog widget for that is to have a "recent comments" sidebar.

BTTT - let's keep this topic hot! :-)