Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chamique Holdsclaw to Dobrí anjeli Košice?

We know that Chamqiue Holdsclaw is in Slovakia. And now, we find out that her teammate is:

chold1: Erin my American teammate met me and took me to a gas station I need some snacks in the house.
chold1: @harizyp Lawless from Purdue

Erin Lawless is definitely playing for Dobrí anjeli Košice. Today Dobrí anjeli Košice defeated ŽBK Whirlpool Poprad 69 to 53. I don't have a box score yet, and doesn't seem to have any box scores that I can find. Dobrí anjeli Košice is currently 4-0 and tied for first in a 10-team league. (The Slovak season started September 20th.)

Translation of Dobrí anjeli Košice: "Good Angels Kosice". Chamique Holdsclaw is joining a team named after Angel McCoughtry. ::smile::

The Good Angels are in Group C of Euroleague. Hope Chamique takes it easy on that knee!

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