Friday, October 2, 2009

An Answer from the AJC

Shawn McIntosh answered my letter. I don't want to reprint the entire letter - I don't know if that's strictly legal or not - but basically, her answer was that the coverage of the Dream corresponded with the size of the fan base. I think that that's simply a cop-out myself, as high school football teams get more coverage than the Dream and I doubt those teams draw 7,000 fans per game. However, the response was a pleasant one and I'm happy for the quick turn-around.

The important part of the response:

So I'm certainly taking note of your request for more coverage and will pass it on to our editors. They will have to consider the options in the new season, taking into consideration the size of the fan base, the size of the section, the relative interest in the topic and the record of the team.

Record of the team? Hm.

Size of the section? We don't have much control over that.

What we do have control over is the "size of the fan base" and the "relative interest".

Click the AJC links when Dream stories pop up.

Be loud and a little bit obnoxious, but not too much. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

And if you've not written Ms. McIntosh, please do so.


Q McCall said...

Good work on this.

Really good to see that she at least took the time to write back.

Hopefully more Atlanta folks write in!

Unknown said...

It is a total cop-out, (the answer you got from the editor)...Fan base is a non issue..They don't even cover the Hawk's like they should...The AJC is just sadd... noone is reading the paper...I'm glad Betty has come to our teams rescue (fingers crossed)...We don't need the AJC...
-Dream On!
Emile Worthy