Thursday, October 1, 2009

Advocating for the Dream: Speak Up!

It appears that the public editor of the AJC is Shawn McIntosh. The e-mail for McIntosh is

I believe that the "public editor" of the AJC used to be the position of ombudsman. Looking through Google, it seems that the AJC has gone through advocates like a prostitute goes through tricks. You'd better write Ms. McIntosh quickly; tomorrow it might be somebody else.

There's a profile for Ms. McIntosh on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution web site.

I wish that some of my readers would send Ms. McIntosh a few lines. Hey, we send e-mail all day; why not send out one brief e-mail for a good cause?

Some general guidelines:

1. It should be about one subject: about how the Dream is poorly treated by the AJC, and not about wide issues of the WNBA and media coverage. Ms. McIntosh can't do anything about the latter.

2. It should state examples. (It does't have to be footnoted but it should site what I consider particular slights - "Every morning I open the paper and I'm lucky to get a boxscore, buried on the back page.")

3. It should be an argument. "Here's what you did. Here's what you could so. Here's why you should do it."

4. It should be serious enough to demand a response. I think a little anger is warranted given the shabby treatment by the Atlanta media but it shouldn't descend into ad-hominem and cursing.

So here I am, advocating again, wondering if either my readers or the AJC will listen. Please, please, PLEASE send a brief e-mail. A "YOUR DREAM COVERAGE SUX!" e-mail will be better than nothing at all.

I'll close with a snippet from one of my favorite shows:

Jodie: "Daria, if you don't like it, you complain."
Daria: "I don't complain."
Jodie: "That's all you ever do."
Daria: "I mean, I don't get involved."
Jodie: "Then I guess you don't really care that much, do you?"

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Q McCall said...

Thanks for the info!

We need to get every local blogger (except Seattle... they are pretty well covered) to find this info...