Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dream Waive Katie Feenstra/Katie Mattera

I get off the plane, check my hotel room, check what's going on the day before Draft Day, and guess what happens?

It's true. Katie Mattera, formerly Katie Feenstra, has been waived by the Dream.

It's starting to look a lot like Snow and Anderson as our centers. What does this mean for Draft Day? Who knows?

Good luck, Katie. You might not have been the best center in the world...but you were a lot better player than a lot of people gave you credit for, which sadly includes some Dream fans. The best of luck.


Ethan said...

She was a good player, once in a while. I felt like she was on thin ice since the season ended - though in fairness the same could be said of the entire roster, the coaches, the hot dog vendors, and the executives.

Best of luck to Katie Always-Feenstra-To-Me.

Anonymous said...

I thought u was takin two days off, but u wasn't expecting this huh? She will find another team shes 6'8". we still will have one big cut or trade before the season starts because of the 11 roster size. if its not Tamera or Latta im good

Anonymous said...