Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LFB (Spain) Finals 1/2008 - Ros Casares 96, Perfumerias 56

In the best-of-three Liga Femenina finals in Spain, something must have happened to Perfumerias on the way to Valencia - something bad. Perfumerias, the only team that was able to defeat Ros Casares in the regular season, was thumped on the road in the home opener by a 96-56 score.

The box score is here.

Perfumerias scored the first basket, but Ros Casares followed with the next 10 points. El Ros began to work on Michelle Snow and keep her off the boards - she only had one rebound the entire game - and Perfumerias descended into helplessness. By the end of the first quarter, the score was 28-4. It isn't often that a team is up by 24 at the end of the first 10 minutes.

After that, there was nothing else to tell. Ros Casares won the following two quarters, and there was no way that Perfumerias was going to overcome a 73-40 deficit going into the final quarter. Snow remained frustrated, and there was nothing to watch in the second half. Coach José Ignacio Hernández of Perfumerias said it best: "We missed much at the beginning, and Ros Casares is a team that does not forgive. Every mistake was punished with two points."

Some comments from a message board:

"On Friday, I think it should ask for forgiveness, the fans do not deserve this. We are light years away from Ros and above the heat if we pass it today, we are humiliated."
"Absolutely, they have to publicly apologize to the fans of salamanca, unfortunate, and walk to Snow !!!!! scandalous that their attitude, and women go to america! "
"AVENIDA (Perfumerias) 1.2 MILLION BUDGET, BUDGET OF 5 MILLION ROS, I think this clear. "

Ros Casares hit 54 percent of their free throw attempts, including going 7-for-12 from 3-point range. It's a reach to say that Perfumerias shot 30 percent - the actual figure is 18-for-61, or 29.5 percent. Perfumerias was held to 20 rebounds. The visitors might have taken advantage of El Ros's 22 turnovers, but Perfumerias turned the ball over 23 times all by themselves.

Ros Casares

Amaya Valdemoro: 18 points, 5 rebounds, 4 turnovers.
Anna Montañana: 14 points, 3 rebounds, 5 turnovers.
Erika de Souza: 10 points, 9 rebounds. Erika played for just 20 minutes.
Delisha Milton-Jones: 15 points.
Candace Wiggins: 8 points in 16 minutes of play.


Le'coe Willingham: 14 points, 6 rebounds from the Phoenix Mercury forward.
Anke de Mondt: 11 points.
Michelle Snow: 4 points, 3 turnovers. 1-for-9 shooting.

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