Monday, April 6, 2009

Atlanta Dreaming of 2009 WNBA Title

Yep, it's a big dream, and we know it. But dreams can come tru. 2009 WNBA Draft Net looks at the 2009 Atlanta Dream and tries to do a little draft predicting as well.


Anonymous said...

??? WOW y did that post jus say somthing bout latta bein traded???
that wud b a dumb move like seriously..they need to edit that post....hopefully meadors knows better than that :o cuz if she doesnt im done with the dream... :(

Anonymous said...

IM done too I will demand a refund for my season tickets if they traded Latta. I need her energy, and shes gonna be an all-star soon. More than exciting player she got a great personality too. The sole reason I bought ST's last year and then I fell in love wit the team

pilight said...

I don't see Latta going anywhere. Haynie, despite her ridiculous contract, is the most likely of the PGs to be traded.

KatiaSilene said...

Hi pt!
thanks to visit my blog of WNBA fans in BRAZIL.. i loved yours and back here everyday..
2 months for our DREAM begins!

Anonymous said...

Haynie might just be better than Nikki Teasley. Teasley did not have a good season overseas!!!!

pt said...

Wow! So many comments....

Anon #1 and #2: Anyone thinking about moving Ivory Latta has to think about one thing: namely, that Latta is probably the most popular player of the franchise. She has more charisma than any of the other players, which means that she would have to be replaced by someone equally as charismatic - no easy feat.

Holdsclaw has never been charismatic. If the Dream trade Latta - and given Dream management, nothing is off the table - they should move Chantelle Anderson to the role of locker-room spokesperson.

pilight: I've heard something about a sign and trade deal with Washington: We pick Coleman/Montgomery, the Mystics pick McCoughtry, and then we trade Coleman (or Montgomery) AND Haynie to Washington for McCoughty. This assumes, however, that Haynie is a big draw. She's not an All-Star in the Greek league, I don't expect Haynie to offer much trade value.

Katia: Thanks! I look forward to reading your blog. Just remember, you gotta post every day!

Anon #3: Haynie might not exactly be lighting up the scoreboard in Greece, but Teasley's play for Estudiantes has been disappointing. I don't know how much of that is due to conditioning, or being shoved into a role overseas with little preparation to try to save a struggling franchise.