Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dream Waive Ashley Shields

The press release is right here. It looks like Ashley Shields's career with the Atlanta Dream ended before it even started.

Here's what training camp on May 17th looks like now:

A: Players Who Played Last Year

C Snow (free agent signing)

F/C de Souza
F Lacy
F Lyttle

G/F Castro Marques
G Latta
G Young

B: Players Who Didn't Play Last Year, But Whom We Expect To Play

C Anderson
G Teasley
F Holdsclaw

C: Players Acquired by Draft or Who Have Not Made a Commitment

C Leuchanka
G/F McCoughtry
G Lehning
G/F Morrow

That's fourteen players. Believe it or not, we could actually invite someone else to Pre-Draft Camp if we wanted to. Why not a local player? (Although Holdsclaw has been talking about Cheryl Ford....)

This also means that we traded a second round draft pick to Detroit for, essentially, nothing. Trader Bill looks smarter and smarter every day.

UPDATE: Richyyy at RebKell explains it best: "Trade in full: Atlanta sends the 18th pick (i.e. Britany Miller) and Kristin Haynie to Detroit for the right to no longer have to pay Kristin Haynie (and three weeks of pretending they had any interest in Ashley Shields)."


Anonymous said...

If Leuchanka isn't coming over until late June, then there are two slots open for camp, right?

pt said...

I suppose that you could invite someone to take Leuchanka's spot, but if they turned out to be good you'd have a tough decision later on.