Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kristin Haynie Lands in Detroit

Kristin Haynie didn't stay unemployed long. She's just signed as a free agent with the Detroit Shock.

It's a pity that Kristin has to end up with the Evil Detroit Shock, but I'm happy that she's still playing pro basketball.


Anonymous said...

that's cool though she gets to play at home, i hope she makes the final roster shes a cool person

Anonymous said...

Isn't European basketball "pro basketball" as well? Even if she didn't catch on with another WNBA team (and still might not because Detroit didn't sign her to a guaranteed contract), it's presumed she'd be playing professionally somewhere else.

As for Kristin's chances, they aren't particularly good long-term. Once the Shock see that she's not really helping attendance and doesn't fit their style of play, they'll cut ties with her. The league will continue to get younger and more athletic, and she will continue to get bounced around like a hot potato. I wish her the best of luck, though.