Thursday, April 16, 2009

Current Shape of 2009 Atlanta Dream

After all the trades, waivers and drafting, here is what the 2009 Atlanta Dream currently looks like:

A: Players Who Played Last Year

C Snow (free agent signing)

F/C de Souza
F Lacy
F Lyttle

G/F Castro Marques
G Latta
G Young
G Shields (acquired by trade)

B: Players Who Didn't Play Last Year, But Whom We Expect To Play

C Anderson
G Teasley

C: Players Acquired by Draft or Whose Status is Questionable

F Holdsclaw
C Leuchanka
G/F McCoughtry
G Lehning
G/F Morrow

With the maximum size of training camp being 15 players - here we are. Four of these players will be sent home sometime between the start of training camp and the start of the season.


Anonymous said...

This is just a minor error, but Shields is a guard. :)

As for Leuchanka, I can't see her showing up because the European championships conflict with the beginning of the WNBA regular season (plus, she's really not needed here with DeSouza, Snow, and Lyttle).

pt said...

Ack! Thanks for catching that!

Anonymous said...

For the 9 millionth time, Leuchanka really is coming. Just not til late June when the euro stuff is done, but she really is coming, period!

Expect to see Holdsclaw signed next week....

Dreamer said...

Is Leuchanka really worth having on an 11-man roster ahead of Anderson? I don't think so. I can't see either player being anything more than a 10th or 11th man who gets cut if/when someone better on the waiver wire pops up (or if injuries happen). Anxiously awaiting the arrival of a fringe player from her European commitments is beyond ridiculous.