Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shay Doron to the Sparks?

So that's how you spell Donna Orender in Hebrew.

The Washington Jewish Week talks to WNBA President Donna Orender as to whether Shay Doron will return to the WNBA:

The decision about 2009 will be coming soon, but Orender made her thoughts known in a recent video that's on Doron's Web site: "It's her choice. I know there's a team that spoken to me about her for this coming year. I'm not sure that's her priorty. I want to say she's an incredibly accomplished athlete, a great basketball player."

The video is right here, by the way.

Rumors are that the Los Angeles Sparks are the team that's interested, and Doron would fit well with them. She never really got a chance to play or show much of anything in New York, but her style of play would go nicely with the Los Angeles team.

Something tells me that she would be welcome back in New York at the very least.

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Anonymous said...

Shay's already said - with her national team commitments coming up this WNBA season, the W is out of the question. What *I* have heard, is that LA asked if she'd be interested in a training camp spot, but that spot has since been filled, from what I understand.

Israel has a decent shot at making the Euro side of the World's bill next year, so it's pretty full on for them at the moment.