Sunday, April 5, 2009

At the Bottom and the Top of the Liga Feminina

This is what I've been able to figure out about Liga Feminina play. Of course, all of it could be completely wrong, as the following are merely implied in the articles I've read and have not been stated outright.

* The top eight teams challenge for the Liga Feminina Championship. The quarterfinal and semi-final rounds are best-of-three and the finals are best-of-five. Erika de Souza might be playing well into May and might return to the Dream exhausted. Ros Casares has won all of the marbles the last two years.

* The ninth-through-twelfth teams don't win anything, but at least get to play in the upper league the following year.

* The bottom two teams get automatically relegated to the Liga Feminina Two, and the two top teams from the LFB 2A move into the LFB the following year. Those clubs would be Moguerza (which has Christina Quaye of Marquette) and Promogest (which has Sarah Crooks from Canada and Kristy Lavin from England).

* The current bottom of the table standings in the Liga Feminina

11. Gran Canaria 7-18
12. Zarazoga 6-19
13. Extrugasa 5-19
14. Estudiantes 5-20

It appears that Extrugasa's game didn't take place yesterday like I thought it would, due to the fact that Perfumerias was playing in the Euroleague Championship. Instead, Extrugasa will play Perfumerias on Wednesday. This gives Extrugasa and Iziane Castro Marques the chance to decide their own fate. If they could beat Perfumerias on Wednesday and Ros Casares on Saturday, they could catapult themselves out of the bottom.

As for Estudiantes and Nikki Teasley, it's untelling what they have to do to avoid relegation. It might already be over for them.

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