Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WNBA Champs Without Radio or TV Package in 2009

According to a poster at RebKell, there is neither a local radio nor a local TV package in place for the Detroit Shock, the 2008 WNBA Champions. This means that we enter 2009 with the potential of the Shock being completely blacked out in their local area. Furthermore, the WNBA has always offered streaming radio to those who don't live near a WNBA team and it looks like the chances of those fans to follow the Shock live are similarly diminished.

As for the Dream, there are two ways to follow them from a distance. One is through the local Comcast Sports South broadcasts, and the other is on local radio. (The very best way is live. Trust me.) Super Talk 1230 and 1340 AM in Atlanta carry the Dream, with beloved announcer Art Eckman announcing the game. (We love him 'cause he's so clueless at times, it's almost comedy. But we tease Art, we do.)

The Shock will be on national TV at least three times and maybe - just maybe - on Fox Sports Detroit if the Tigers aren't stinking up the channel again.

Clay Kellam wrote, "Given the state of Detroit's economy, it's hard to imagine any media outlet spending any extra money." It's hard enough in Detroit at it is. Maybe we could have Internet radio. Or even Pirate Radio; I'd take either one. I can just imagine someone walking around the Palace at Auburn Hills talking into a paper cup and secretly broadcasting the games without the express written consent of the WNBA.

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