Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whatever Happened to Cindy Brown?

Cindy Brown, in glorious ABL action.

Here are the leaders in Adjusted Wins Score for the American Basketball League season of 1996-97. It was the first women's professional basketball season from a durable league in the United States since the demise of the Women's Professional Basketball League in 1981.

(Adjusted Wins Score uses the Wins Score formula but assigns 0.3 points for every defensive rebound and 0.7 points for every offensive rebound. Wins Score simply assigns one point for every rebound, offensive or defensive.)

1. Cindy Brown, Reign, 243.0
2. Crystal Robinson, Quest, 240.6
3. Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Rage, 223.7
4. Natalie Williams, Power, 208.5
5. Carolyn Jones, Blizzard, 194.3
6. Adrienne Goodson, Rage, 186.7
7. Valerie Still, Quest, 158.1
8. Katie Smith, Quest, 149.9
9. Teresa Edwards, Glory, 146.4
10. Dawn Staley, Rage, 137.3

And where was the 1996-97 ABL MVP, Nikki McCray? She was 17th on the list with 82.6. The argument could be made that the ABL gave the MVP to the wrong player.

So what happened to Cindy Brown? She was born in Portland, Oregon and played for the Long Beach State 49ers in college. When Brown graduated in 1987, the only place a woman could play basketball professionally was Europe. She ended up playing in Italy, then Japan, then Italy again, and then Israel and France.

She played one year with Seattle Reign - she actually had to take a $50,000 pay cut to play in the United States. The season after, she was to be assigned to Long Beach with the 1997-98 season, but Brown skipped out and signed with the WNBA.

She ended up with the Detroit Shock in the 1998 season as part of the allocation draft. By that time, Brown was 33 and there weren't many years of basketball left in her. She had a great first year in Detroit, finishing second in the league in rebounds and hitting 47 percent of her field goals. However, Brown dropped off dramatically in 1999, fighting injuries (which I can't find out anything about) and looking at the stats it appears that a scrub had snuck onto the court wearing Cindy Brown's uniform. She was traded to Utah along with Korie Hlede for Wendy Palmer, a trade that probably had more to do with Nancy Lieberman-Cline becoming a dead woman walking in Detroit than any shenanigans with Anna DeForge. (Hlede was the Ivory Latta of the Shock in terms of popularity.) Brown played nine games for the Starzz with no better results, but still playing slightly above replacement level.

Then, at 34, Brown retired. After that, she disappears completely from the internet. No coaching jobs. No overseas play. No nothing.

Where is Cindy Brown? Did she settle down and raise a family? Did she move back to Japan or somewhere else overseas? Is she coaching for a Division II or Division III school somewhere? Wherever you are Cindy, you are missed.


Anonymous said...

To whoever wrote this Blog,

Wow... This is Ms. Cindy Brown, I'm still here in the United States. I would love to disclose the current events that I am heavily involved with, however I need some time to sort through legal matters that targeted and victimized me as a star athlete.

I truly appreciate this article, however the politics of sports will not share the same opinion. Perhaps the real truth of what happened in the ABL or WNBA will never be disclosed, because women in sports are often muted, that is if they would like to advance within the league.

My situation was very different from most leaving the league. During the negotiations of my contract, I lost my late mother and shortly after my father. I was not able to recoup from the devastation and mourning.

I hope this is a little inside info for you, however if you'd like I can share more at a later date. Again, thanks for the memories...


pt said...

Cindy, thanks for writing. I'm just happy that you liked what I wrote!

You're undoubtedly right in that the truth about the ABL's demise and the birth of the WNBA will probably never be told. Looking back from the perspective of the present era, I'm always gotten the impression that there's an attempt to bury the accomplishments of the American Basketball League and its players - to sort of pretend that the ABL never existed and that the pro game really started in 1997 with the WNBA. I think I need to start doing more American Basketball League posts; people need to become more aware about the league and its players.

We'd definitely appreciate you sharing information. I'm sad to hear about what caused you to leave; I hope that you are still involved in basketball at some level.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Cindy Brown,

I have been looking for you for years! I don't know if you will remember me, I was your biggest fan while you played at CSULB. I moved out of state and we continued to correspond through letters. I continued to follow your career even after we lost touch.

I have many fond memories of you and would like you to know that you were truly an inspiration to me.

I am sorry for what you have had to endure as a female athlete. The politics are brutal and I agree, women in sports are often muted. I hope someday this will not be the case.

Very sorry to hear of the loss of your parents Cindy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

THANK YOU for the memories. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. I too would love to hear more. Believe it or not, I still have the scrapbook I made of you while in H.S., the CSULB ball that the team signed, the pins you sent from Seoul, etc... LOL. Was and always will be a die hard fan!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the readers for remembering, many star athletes retire and move on to new ventures in life, often being forgotten.

On the other hand, some athletes leave an impressionable memory that can always be remembered by friends, fans and supporters of women in sports.

I'm delighted to have left a memorable impression with each one of you... Without your support, I could have not been motivated or encouraged to excel at great heights without you. I played for you and enjoyed all of the cheers, letters and chants, what great supporters of the sport you are.

I only hope the newer generation appreciates and cares about you as I did and do. Without you, the league is not existent, thanks for the love of the game.

Please leave your contact info for future...


ptownoldschool said...

Hey Ms. Cindy:

My sister is Tonda Barfield, she played on your Grant High freshman team. I don't know how this blog works, but I am searching for you because the man who owned the store next to your father's store was wondering how you are. I don't blog. Don't know the rules. He, Tonda and me want to know how and what you are doing.

Anita Littleton (Wilson) said...

Wow, How Awesome is this, it is March 23, 2011. My Family and I were talking about Basketball and for some reason, I brought up Cindy Brown, telling my daughter who is very inspried to play Basketball about the all star female legend who I knew from Portland Oregon, Named Cindy Brown. I went on to say she was NBA Material, and of course my husband did not fully agree, so it lead me to do a internet search to prove to them Cindy Brown was indeed a legend, not only in my book but apparently in so many others, and look what I ran upon....This is so Great...WOW Cindy maybe it is your time to come back and take your Next Stand in Life...Do you have a Facebook Page??? Wow this would be a GREAT START....Hope all is working out with all the Political stuff, and it was so nice to hear that you are still out their...Until Next time,A friend, A Fan and native of P.O., now on the East Coast...A Graduate of Fernwood Middle School and Benson High, You also coached me for a little While at Fernwood (Remember That). Take Care and God Bless, Forever a Fan, Anita Wilson-Littleton

Anonymous said...

wow, I too had just mentioned and wondered? what? is "my buddy" up too?
skiing? modeling? buying up real estate? btw, cin' now's! a good time!
so? me confidante' glad to see you answering the blog!
so, sorry to hear you lost your dad also. miss ya! and as you always said to me "hang in there"
I am certain you are doing well, you always did in your very low key way. but, always driven! don't ever lose the drive! love ya!
mk :)
can you guess yet? your lil buddy'

Anonymous said...

oh btw cin,
this is a great way to stay in touch!
too funny a friend yesterday was saying... you'll prob wonder but I really enjoy watching the women pro ball.. (he's a big men's sprt fan and sprts better! he's been around for a bit' like late 60? i dunno ha!)

so, of course it made me immediately think of you.

I ask if he ever saw or knew of your Olympic Gold Medal winning ways!! so, so proud of you! always!
he says, "Oh of course!" ha!
made me more proud all over again!
"hang in there" My Humble Friend.

your buddy,
MK :)

Anonymous said...

hey boo? see the peeps love you still! think of you and speak highly of you to their children!
that! is awesome! your the best!

keep up the great work, & inspirations!

ever think of coaching?
your could inspire and groom the next generations of female olympic gold medalists, or
athletes, business women, dr.'s, lawyers, engineers, scientists etc etc?

what ever they aspire to be,
after the positive reinforcements from positive female mentors & athletics?

MK :)

Sheila C. said...

Hi Cindy, I also was a fan of yours beginning with the long beach state days. I last saw you when you came to a few womans basketball games at long beach, you were supporting the girls and Mary H.,the coach. I hope to see you back at one game or two during the season. I sure miss the great times we had with you. Peace and joy! Sheila C.

Sheila C. said...

Cindy Brown was a special star. I first came to know her at Long Beach State. I last saw her when she came to support the womans basketball team and mary h. I wish you joy and peace, love, Sheila C.

Anonymous said...


Lisa Ellis said...


Hey I played against you in high school and with you at CSULB. I am coaching now at a high school now in Portland and woke up this morning wondering where my toughest opponent and one of my most talented and sweetest teammates was... I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your parents, I recently lost my father and all of the struggles you have endured! We played at a difficult time for a women and you my friend were among the Elite and a Pioneer! I respect your privacy but would like to reconnect, if possible find me on fb. I would love to catch up.
Lisa Ellis

Sheri said...

Hi Cindy, it's Sheri ... we attended high school. We shared the shot put ring while on the varsity track team. Glad to see your response.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy...It. has been a long time...I used to play basketball with you when you were Seven. Years old and I was. Twelve.....all. of us in the neighborhood on the block 12 street knew you would get the gold........Your Neighbor across the street. Jo. Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy I played basketball with you when you were only.7 years old and I was twelve. everyone. On the block knew you. Would win. The gold..........Jo Ann

Anonymous said...



C. Brown said...

Hi Everyone,
Just checking in to say hello... I wish that I could write to this Blog as often as I must for litigation. Many of you are wondering why I can not? Well... as you may see negative posts in blog areas? I've been victimized by a special "Church" who is very angry that I DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF their organization; therefore, those members of the Church are exercising "Smear Campaigns" to intimidate, scare, destroy, amongst other things which could be negatively obstructive to ones physical body. If must be very frustrating for my "Legal Opponent" to stalk and post unprofessional remarks as described in this blog, as seen in the December 9, 2011 post by ANONYMOUS [#COWARD]. I've recently reviewed a documentary "HBO - Going Clear" and can't begin to express my concerns and disappointments, as to why such a demonic group feel compelled to run "BLACK-OPS" or the need to destroy me. LOL! You make me appear important, but I'm just little ole Cindy who LOVES PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS... I've done nothing to harm you, or your Church Members... you've sophisticately stole the majority of my wealth... so move on, go away. I won't submit. I am the 99% .., I AM THE PEOPLE, I speak for those who can not, and may have been victimized by your evil sociopathic anarchy. So run along and play with someone who cares about you, because I am not your fan, and won't advocate for your dishonorable Church and its fake Members. You know who you are... (Actress, Model?) ROFLMAO!!! If the people really knew what you were/are doing? See you in Court kids! [EXHIBIT 1- STALKING] Oh BTW I proved "Identity-Theft" CCP sec. 530.5 lets see you wiggle outta this one. Real Estate Fraud is coming to its demise. Cloning me with an identical name was brilliant... but discoverable, what next? #CROOKS! So... All the blogger followers, I LOVE YOU and look forward to coming back and writing nice greetings to each of you. Yes, I know many of you personally from H.S. and those I met and remember from playing in the PROs... Again, I give thanks to you, because without you... it would have not been possible. <3

C. Brown said...

Oh yeah!
Bloggers Beware... the Church has skilled computer hackers, please use caution and anti-virus software. As you can see in the UPDATE posted September 12, 2014 was taken down because the "TRUTH" was beginning to be unveiled to the public. The Church does not enjoy PUBLIC CORRUPTION being exposed for public viewing. ROFLOL!!! The writter was threatened; therefore, the PRESS RELEASE was taken down to COVER-UP corruption. Stay tuned... info has it that there may be involvement pointing at "Green Uniforms with Badges." America's Finest?... oh brother... (Hand on forehead)


C Brown said...


I attempted to reach out a couple of days ago... Not sure if the computer accepted the info; however... I want to say again, with deepest gratitude and appreciation, THANK YOU.

I remember many of you from childhood..., memories are forever... its beautiful how the mind operates. My basketball days were divine because my friends, teammates, fans and coaches who created a team-player with the talented gift I was blessed with from a higher power (God). Giving thanks to all... I am grateful to have been blessed to meet each of you, and have you in my life.

Amazing how life has is obstacles,... I've experienced one in which was devastating;however I am resilient and willing to stand and face my "Predators" therefore, they are now on the run hiding.

I was targeted by a known "CHURCH" who is very upset with me... (LOL) I chose to NOT be a member, its my God given right. I do not enjoy hurting and stealing from others. My joy is making people laugh, and sharing PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS, sharing the earth. The Billion-Dollar Church has members who have stolen my identity and has had a field-day with stealing and pillaging my hard-earned wealth and attempted to steal my home... but what they don't see... I'M FINE WITHOUT IT. (LOL) There is a bigger picture of PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS... I belong to "WE THE PEOPLE" where there is joy and happiness and togetherness.

The powerful Church is evil spirited..., I do not take pleasure of using "Blackmail Tactics" to Contract Business deals. I do not fabricate the truth to engage in "QUASI-CONTRACTS" to steal and deceive from those who have earned their fruits from hard labor to enrich myself. I take no participation in stealing the wealth and homes of Seniors or from others you look down as "Fair Game"... This is narcissistic and Sociopath illness which I run from. So you are wondering were I am going with this?

Your attention is invited to the Blogger comment post on December 9, 2011 at 11:53 AM. This is one of "Satan's Children" from the Billion-Dollar Church, where their "Mission is not Impossible" (LOL) until they met me. I REBUKE YOU SATAN!

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My opponents are skilled Attorneys, Judges and Crooks with Corporations... Amazing how one thinks they can "BULLY" you... take all your belongings... and create such disaster. This is what "THE CHURCH...." does to innocent people. I never was a member, and choose not to be. "Is that Bad..." (LOL) I truly understand the CORRUPTION and how deeply woven the Judicial System and the Church is in concert with racketeering.

BLOGGERS - I'll keep you informed, I am starting to come back into the PUBLIC_FORUM for THE PEOPLE where your voices need to be heard, one by one.

Life has its challenges, and you should never have to face it alone. Though I may be far away... I am always with you in the battle, as you were with me in our battle for the Gold. WE ARE A TEAM, WE ARE FRIENDS, WE ARE A FAMILY... WITH PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS we will prevail.