Thursday, April 2, 2009

Israel Women's D1 Semifinals 4/2008 - Elizur Ramla 79, Maccabi Ramat Hen 78

To Ivory Latta, losing still hurts.

Down two games to one in a best-of-five semifinals, Maccabi Ramat Hen would have to travel to Elizur Ramla's home court to force a deciding Game Five. It all came down to the final 2.3 seconds of the game, but Maccabi Ramat Hen fell just short 79-78.

Elizur Ramla goes to the finals. For Maccabi Ramat Hen - and Ivory Latta - the season is over.

The box score is here. A gallery of game images can be seen here.

It was a very tight game between both teams. Elizur Ramla led 23-21 after the first ten minutes, and the home team only led by one point at halftime 46-45. Maccabi Ramat Hen managed to hold Elizur Ramla to just 12 points in the third quarter and led 61-58.

Unfortunately, Elizur Ramla began to fight back and began to close the gap. Katia Levitzky hit a 3-pointer with three minutes to go to close the gap from six points to three points. With the score 78-78 and only 2.3 seconds left, Tamara Moore of Elizur Ramla got the opportunity for two free throws. She hit the first one to put Elizur Ramla up 79-78, but missed the second one...deliberately. The final rebound went to...Elizur Ramla, and that was all they needed.

It's been that way all year. Close games between Elizur Ramla and Maccabi Ramat Hen have generally tilted in the direction of Ramla, and this game was no different.

Maccabi Ramat Hen shot 47 percent in this game, but Elizur Ramla hit 43 percent of their field goal attempts. Both teams rebounded at the same rate - there wasn't much rebounding going on (28 for Ramat Hen vs. 27 for Ramla). An important stat in the box score was the fact that Ramla had 19 assists to Ramat Hen's 12 assists. Ramat Hen went 20-for-27 at the free throw line and Ramla went 15-for-18.

Maccabi Ramat Hen got 18 points from its bench, more than usual - Ramla only got nine points from its bench players. However, it wasn't enough for Maccabi Ramat Hen. I wonder when Ivory Latta will be coming back to Atlanta....

Elizur Ramla

Katia Levitsky: 20 points, 6 rebounds.
Tamara Moore: 14 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists. Moore last played for the Houston Comets.
Sheri Sam: 13 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists for the Detroit Shock player.

Maccabi Ramat Hen

Shay Doron: 22 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists.
LaToya Pringle: 20 points, 7 rebounds.
Ivory Latta: 8 points and 4 steals. 2-for-9 shooting. 3-for-6 at the free throw line. It definitely wasn't a good day for Ivory Latta.

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