Monday, March 30, 2009

This Week's Schedule

Here is this week's schedule of games. The big games on the table are the Israel Women's semifinals, where Ivory Latta's Maccabi Ramat Hen team is down 0-2 in a best-of-three series, and where Tamera Young's team starts the Latvian finals - she still has the Baltic League finals tournament to play in mid-April.


Israel Women's D1 Semifinals: Maccabi Ramat Hen vs. Elizur Ramla (Game 3)


LSBL Finals: TTT Rīga vs. SK Cesis (Game 1)
Israel Women's D1 Semifinals: Elizur Ramla vs. Maccabi Ramat Hen (Game 4)


LFB (Spain): Extrugasa (5-19) vs. Perfumerias (18-6)
LFB (Spain): Hondarribia (12-12) vs. Ros Casares (23-1)
LFB (Spain): Ibiza (13-11) vs. Estudiantes (5-19)


Greek Women's A1: Paleo Faliro (15-9) vs. Kastoria (0-24) - Kastoria dropped out of the league after two games
LSBL Finals: SK Cesis vs. TTT Rīga (Game 2)

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