Saturday, March 28, 2009

LFB (Spain) 24/2008 - Ibiza 67, Celta 45

Maja Miljkovic of Celta tries to evade Ibiza.

For Ibiza (13-11) and Celta (11-13), this game had critical importance. If Ibiza won, this would clinch a spot in the post-season, with Ibiza guaranteed to finish at least eighth even if they lost their last two games. For Celta, it would give them a chance to move into seventh place. It would be Ibiza that had more to play for, and they clinched their post-season spot on the road by a score of 67-45.

The box score is here.

Celta took an 18-14 point in the first quarter, but it would be the last quarter that ended with a Celta lead. Celta would not score any more than 10 points in any of the three remaining quarters. Ibiza had edged into a two-point lead at halftime, 30-28. At the end of the third quarter, Ibiza led by 13 points and would hold Celta to just seven points over the last 10 minutes.

Ibiza hit 42 percent of their attempted field goals. Celta would only hit 35 percent, and only go 2-for-12 from beyond 3-point range. Ibiza would outrebound Celta 35-24 and Celta would turn the ball over 21 times.


Laura Nicholls Gonzalez: 5 points, 3 rebounds.
Agne Cuidariene: 14 points, 3 rebounds.


Sancho Lyttle: 22 points, 15 rebounds for the only double-double.
Shannon Johnson: 14 points.
Elsa Donaire: 7 points, 8 rebounds.

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