Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Career Blocked Shot Leaders

Margo couldn't leap very high, but she never needed to.

The amazing thing about the WNBA career blocked shot records (to me at least) is how quickly the number of blocks drops as you move down the list. The top career shot-blocker has almost 900 career blocked shots, but the #10 career shot-blocker is actually under 300 blocked shots.

Height also doesn't guarantee one a place on the blocked shots career list. I have a list of 22 WNBA players who were (at least at one time) listed as 6'6" or taller. How many of those players are on the Top 10 career list of shot-blockers? Just one. As for the others, the 6'8" Maria Stepanova comes the closest at #19.

One of the players on the blocked-shot list below is only 6'2". There are a lot of things that come into play to be a leader in blocked shots. Tenacity, quickness, longevity, for example. Height is simply one of many factors, but as it turns out, the tallest woman ever to play in the WNBA is also its career blocked shots leader.

Most Blocked Shots, Career

1. Margo Dydek, 877
2. Lisa Leslie, 789
3. Lauren Jackson, 485
4. Tangela Smith, 452
5. Ruth Riley, 393
6. Tammy Sutton-Brown, 392
7. Taj McWilliams-Franklin, 327
8. Yolanda Griffith, 321
9. Elena Baranova, 320
10. Vicky Bullett, 288

- italic type denotes inactive player

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