Thursday, March 5, 2009

BWBL 13/2008 - SK Cēsis 92, Viktoria 52

SK Cēsis (11-2) is already assured of making the BWBL playoffs. They're just finishing up their schedule in Belarus right now, and they had no trouble with Belorussian team Viktoria (2-12) with an easy 92-52 win.

The box score is here.

The quarter-by-quarter score makes it obvious - SK Cēsis crushed Viktoria in the first half, holding home team Viktoria to ten points in each of the first and second quarters. SK Cēsis led by 53-20 at halftime, and in the second half, they didn't have to try as hard.

Viktoria hit 35 percent of its attempted field goals, compared to 52 percent for SK Cēsis. SK Cēsis absolutely destroyed Viktoria in rebounding by a factor of 50-30, earning 16 offensive rebounds to Viktoria's three. It helped, because Viktoria got 11 steals and SK Cēsis turned the ball over 22 times. SK Cēsis earned 19 trips to the free throw line and hit 15 shots.


Nadzeya Bohdan: 12 points, 6 rebounds.
Aliaksandra Zybrytskaya: 10 points, 3 rebounds.

SK Cēsis

Tamera Young: 23 points, 9 rebounds. I was wrong in my earlier post, she didn't have any turnovers.
Rima Margevičiute: 12 points
Santa Dreimane: 12 points
Kristen Mann: 9 points and 5 rebounds in 20 minutes of play.

Hopefully, pictures soon.

P. S.: Updated now that the box score is working.


Anonymous said...

good job Tam

Anonymous said...

oh yeah tamera all that in 18 minutes...6 for 11 shoting