Monday, March 30, 2009

Israel Women's D1 Semifinals 3/2008 - Maccabi Ramat Hen 71, Elizur Ramla 63

Abiola Wabara tries to turn the corner on Shay Doron.

Ivory Latta's season was almost over - down 0-2 in a best of three series, so if they lost today, it was all over. Playing on their home ground, Maccabi Ramat Hen avoided the three-game sweep with a 71-63 victory.

The box score is here.

It was a hard-fought win for Ramat Hen as according to, Ramla played some of their worst basketball. Elizur Ramla led 16-13 after the first quarter, but were held to just nine points in the second as Maccabi Ramat Hen took a 34-25 lead into halftime. In the third quarter Ramla whittled away at the lead to close the gap to 52-47. However, Macccabi Ramat Hen managed to win both the fourth quarter and their first game of the semifinal series.

Despite the win, Ramat Hen only hit 34 percent of their field goal attempts, compared to a 39 percent success rate for Elizur Ramla - neither team was hot. Ramat Hen won the battle of rebounds 42-35. Ramla would turn the ball over 17 times and send Ramat Hen to the free throw line 27 times, where they would hit 23 of their shots.

Ramat Hen usually doesn't get much help from its bench. However, Ramat Hen picked up 19 points from the bench compared to only nine points for Elizur Ramla.

Elsewhere, Electra Ramat Hasharon moved to the finals, sweeping Raanana Hertzeliya in three games.

Ramat Hem

Ayana Walker: 14 points, 13 rebounds, 4 steals.
LaToya Pringle: 11 points, 14 rebounds.
Ivory Latta: 11 points, 4 steals. 3-for-13 shooting, but 5-for-5 at the free throw line.
Shay Doron: 11 points. Fouled out.

Elizur Ramla

Sheri Sam: The Detroit Shock's Sams scored 21 points with 4 rebounds and 4 assists.
Tamara Moore: 10 points and 11 rebounds. 5 turnovers.
Ina Gourevitch: 11 points. The former Houston Comets player would foul out.


Sikander Hayat said...

Israel is making difficult for its friends in the Muslim world to stay friends with it by constantly killing innocent people. Be it Turkey or Egypt, Israel’s actions have made it near impossible for the governments in the said countries to overtly support it.

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Anonymous said...

"Abiola Wabara tries to turn the corner on Shay Doron"

Um, pretty sure that's Seri Sam ... (yea, they're both listed as #12 on the roster, but that's Sam's tattoo ... and Sam was Doron's defensive assignment for the last portion of the game ;) )

pt said...

Manda, you're probably right. I cribbed the photo from an Israeli website, and that's how they identified her - so they might have made a mistake and I might have compounded it.