Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Israel Women's D1 18/2008 - Maccabi Ashdod 102, Maccabi Ramat Hen 89

Supposedly, yesterday was the final day of the Israel Women's D1 Regular season.

Six teams go to the playoffs. The playoffs start March 5th with a post-season round robin. I don't know if the round robin is used to determine which teams are the finalists, or if the round robin is used by itself to determine a champion.

The upcoming round-robin games for Maccabi Ramat Hen this week:

Thursday: Home vs. Maccabi Ashdod
Sunday: Away vs. Electra Ramat Hasharon

I don't have a boxscore for Maccabil Ashdod's 102-89 win over Maccabi Ramat Hen, but here are a few facts about it:

1) The win knocked Maccabi Ramat Hen to 14-4, into a tie for second place. Agh. Here are the final standings of the top six teams:

Electra Ramat Hasharon 15-3
Maccabi Ramat Hen 14-4
Raanana Hertzeliya 14-4
Elizur Ramla 13-5
Maccabi Ashdod 11-7
Elizur Holon 9-9

2) Ramat Hen lost LaToya Pringle to some sort of knee injury. We don't know how serious the injury is yet.

3) From the website, here are the highlights:

Maccabi Ashdod

Tasha Humphrey: 34 points. Humphrey is a center for the Washington Mystics.
Natasha Lacy: 23 points and 14 assists. Lacy graduated from UTEP in 2008.
Sherill Baker: 19 points. Baker is a guard for the Indiana Fever.
Jennifer Fleischer: One point for the University of Pennsylvania graduate.

Maccabi Ramat Hen

Ivory Latta: 22 points
Shay Doron: 16 points
Tamara James: 16 points
LaToya Pringle: 4 points

If I find any pictures or anything, I'll post them.

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