Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Calling All Atlanta Dream Fans!

I'm hoping that if you haven't done so already that you'll visit the Atlanta Dream Facebook Site and join up.


The goal is to break the 1500 member barrier on Facebook. And as an extra incentive, you'll get free tickets if you don't have them already! But my understanding is that those free tickets are only available if the Dream meets its goal! Even if you have season tickets, you can help other people attend a Dream game for free!

So if you're sitting down in front of the computer tonight, you know what to do.

a) Visit the link.
b) Join the page and join the team!
c) If you've already joined, help out by having a friend join!
d) Bask in the satisfaction of helping out your favorite team, the ATLANTA DREAM. Because it's One Team, One Dream, and that Dream depends on YOU.


Anonymous said...

Done deal.

Are YOU on Facebook? I didn't think you were.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am on Facebook. Didn't know you were. Can't access it from work, but I'll try to hunt you down when I get home.

Anonymous said...