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BWBL 11/2008 - BC Star - TLU 66, SK Cēsis 62

How come the Dream can't have cool banners like that?

Somehow, we've come up to 12 games in the Baltic Women's Basketball League for SK Cēsis. I can't get an accurate count, it seems. I know that one of the game between SK Cēsis and a Ukranian team was cancelled, so that should make this game #10. But if you go to the SK Cēsis website, it's implied that this is game #11.

As it turns out, SK Cēsis had been scheduled to play an Ukrainian team, TIM-SCUF, sometime in the past. That team failed to show up and the Baltic League finally awarded SK Cēsis a forfeit victory.

Maybe SK Cēsis should have skipped this game. Going on the road again - this time to Estonia - they are upset on the road, 66-62 yesterday in Baltic League play.

The box score is here. You just have to click on the "View match statistics" link. A gallery of images from the game is here.

SK Cēsis jumped out to a strong 20-8 lead against the home team, and took a 40-23 lead into halftime. Even after three quarters of play, SK Cēsis still led 55-42. But in the fourth quarter, it fell apart. SK Cēsis only scored seven points in the fourth quarter and BC Star - TLU scored 24 to steal the victory at home from SK Cēsis.

The club president of SK Cēsis blames the fact that they have an injured center. If so, how come they were able to hold BC Star - TLU at arm's length for three quarters without her?

Both teams were equals in field goal accuracy (BC Star - TLU 42 percent, SK Cēsis 43 percent). It was in rebounding that SK Cēsis fell shot, outrebounded 37-28 and only finding three offensive rebounds. Maybe SK Cēsis's president is right. Both teams were relatively even when it came to turnovers and free throw shooting, so it was rebounding that would make the difference.

BC Star - TLU

Davineia Payne: 26 points and 13 rebounds for the BWBL's leading scorer. Graduated from LaSalle in 2006.
Ashley Wallace: 20 points, 6 rebounds. Graduate from Division II Pace University.
Janna Rannaveski: 9 points, 7 rebounds.

SK Cēsis

Kristen Mann: 16 points, 8 rebounds for the ex-Atlanta player who now plays for Indiana.
Ieva Tare: 14 points, 5 rebounds
Santa Dremaine: 13 points, 4 rebounds
Tamera Young: An awful game: 4 points and 4 rebounds in 21 minutes played. 2-for-8 shooting.

P. S.: If you're inclined to look at the gallery pictures, prove to me that there were more than a dozen people in attendance outside the players and the staff.

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