Monday, March 2, 2009

This Week's Schedule

Here is the schedule of games for this week overseas that involve Atlanta Dream players. The Israel Women's D1 league plays their final game of the regular season, but I don't know when the postseason is scheduled. There are no games scheduled in Greece this week.

The Queen's Cup Tournament - a single-elimination eight-team tournament - takes place in Spain this week, pre-empting regular season games.


Israel Women's D1: Maccabi Ashdod (10-7) vs. Maccabi Ramat Hen (14-3)


BWBL: Olimipa (Belarus) (3-11) vs. SK Cēsis (10-2) *


BWBL: Victoria (Belarus) (2-11) vs. SK Cēsis (10-2) *
LFB (Spain): Queen's Cup Quarterfinals: Ros Casares vs. San José
LFB (Spain): Queen's Cup Quarterfinals: Perfumerias vs. Ibiza


LFB (Spain): Queen's Cup Semifinals


LFB (Spain): Queen's Cup Finals
LSBL: SK Cēsis (21-2) vs. Liepajas (12-13)

* - Eurobasket lists SK Cesis as playing Olimpia on Thursday, but the SK Cēsis website has the Victoria game listed as the Thursday game. Standings as of Monday, March 2 2009.

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