Saturday, March 28, 2009

BWBL Semifinals 2/2008 - SK Cēsis 74, TIM-SCUF (Ukraine) 59

Believe it or not, this is work. SK Cēsis is watching game film.

The last time SK Cēsis "played" TIM-SCUF they won 20-0 - for some reason TIM-SCUF didn't show up and SK Cēsis was awarded a forfeit win. This time, SK Cēsis only won by 15 with a 74-59 victory in Vilnius, Lithuania. According to the SK Cēsis website, this guarantees SK Cēsis a place in the "Final Four".

The box score is here. Click "View match statistics" to see the box score. A gallery of game images is here. I thought there were some particularly nice Tamera Young pics in this collection. It also looks like they deliberately played this game in an empty gym, as there were virtually no places to sit.

SK Cēsis got off to a great start leading 25-15 after the first quarter and almost crossing the 50-point mark with a 48-30 halftime lead. TIM-SCUF managed to hold SK Cēsis to just eight third-quarter points -- but TIM-SCUF could only score 11 points of their own and didn't wage a comeback in the fourth quarter.

SK Cēsis hit 44 percent of their field goal attempts, as compared to a dismal 30 percent from TIM-SCUF. TIM-SCUF also suffered in rebounding, losing the battle 41-30. Both teams kept turnovers down - just 12 from each team - and each team had similar free throw numbers.


Olga Maznichenko: 21 points, 5 rebounds.
Kateryna Dorogobuzova: 12 points, 3 rebounds.
Olha Krasnikova: 7 points, 4 rebounds.

SK Cēsis

Kristen Mann: 21 points, 10 rebounds. Kristen is still a force to be reckoned with in Latvia.
Tamera Young: 14 points, 7 rebounds.
Ieva Tare: 14 points, 7 rebounds.

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